Manu Carricano

Professor and Director Institute for Data-Driven Decisions
ESADE Business School

Dr. Manu Carricano is a Senior Lecturer in Data Sciences and the Director of the Institute for Data-Driven Decisions, at ESADE Business School. He is also the Founder of the Top Line Lab, a boutique consultancy aiming to bring Data Science to Pricing and Revenue Growth decisions.

Manu is an executive graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Big Data, and received his PhD. from the University of Bordeaux and MSc from Kedge Business School.

His work encompasses a wide range of data science and pricing issues and has been published in international academic journals as well as major industry and academic conferences.

As a consultant, Carricano has conducted projects in numerous industries and nations: working with leading companies such as Bayer, Becton Dickinson, General Electric, Johnson Controls, LEGO, McDonald's, Medtronic, Michelin, and PSA among others.