Michael Klahn

Head of Product Pricing Office EMEI

Mr. Michael Klahn is the Head of Product Pricing Office at Fujitsu. In addition to this position, he works with the local management to enhance the strength of the Fujitsu Germany organization in terms of education and training.
Since joining Fujitsu (formerly SIEMENS) in 2003, Mr. Klahn has been a consistent contributor to the growth of Fujitsu services and products in his professional and management roles. This includes assignments as commercial project manager at SIEMENS (2003 – 2007) and as an Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Germany at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, formerly Fujitsu Siemens Computers, (2007 – 2009) in Munich and Frankfurt.
After that Mr. Klahn started his management career in the services area and holds the position of manager. With a main focus on resource management where he was responsible for leading a team of resource managers within Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany.
Under Mr. Klahn’s leadership, a resource management team was formed with business responsibilities that span the entire Product Related and Professional Services areas in Germany, supported by common systems and processes.
He has specific expertise in resource management, project management, operations and complex infrastructures. This knowledge is critical for his role as Manager, Product Pricing of Fujitsu EMEIA, particularly as Fujitsu’s focus in the region encompasses business solutions in addition to IT hardware.

Prior to joining SIEMENS, he served as a Master Sergeant in the German Air Force.
As a respected IT practitioner, he has been appointed to different project roles in several disciplines.
Mr. Klahn lives close to Frankfurt with his wife and the three sons. He enjoys driving his motorcycle, along with swimming and skiing.